To reach the WAACOS, call President Jeremy at 724 - 237 - 7006
PO Box 1 West Alexander, PA 15376

Mission: WAACOS will concentrate their specific purpose to revitalize the area, small businesses, reinstate historic and festive gatherings, provide parks, events, recreation for the residents, and encourage a sense of community spirit.

WAACOS Grey-Red1.png

Completed Projects:

Gazebo Dedication and Community Picnic 7/4/2021
Community Garden at Main Cemetery

Being Explored


Historical museum

Encourage small businesses

Dress up main street

Bring back festivals - Gretna Green

Projects Approved and in Progress:

Renewal of Basketball Court

Replacement of the Flag Pole on Main Street

West Alexander Area Community Organization for Services  (WAACOS)

Organization: This organization is under the 501(c)3 of Kleine Klasse Schule Inc. 
West Alexander Area is defined as the Pennsylvania postal delivery area 15376. 

Approved by KKS BOD April 15, 2021