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7409 Yale Ave.

Pittsburgh, Pa.  15225

(724) 630-5853


EDUCATION:   University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Pa.

                         M.S. Computer Science, December, 1994 G.P.A. 3.5/4.0



                         University of Pittsburgh

                         Completed computer science department undergraduate requirements

                         G.P.A. 4.0/4.0 1990-1992


                         Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.

                         B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1979


MASTERS RESEARCH PROJECT: 'A Sensitivity Analysis of the Effectiveness of Several Common Real-Time Scheduling Algorithms Implemented in a Unix Environment'

             Modified a PC-based Unix clone (Linux) into a real-time operating system and performed a 
            statistical study to
determine the most effective scheduling algorithm (FIFO, Random, SPT, LST,
            Deadline, Priority-based) in
terms of producing maximum system output value. The study was
            conducted using a collection of processes,
generated with stochastic runtimes and interarrival times
            in order to most closely simulate actual load


SPECIAL AREA OF INTEREST: Computer Operating Systems


SUMMARY: LANGUAGES: ‘C++’,Java, 'C', PLM, Pascal, Ada, Fortran, Basic, Smalltalk, Modula-2, Prolog

                    ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE:8051,  Intel 8088 and related processors

                    SOFTWARE TOOLS: Mercury Interactive Test Tools (Winrunner, Quicktest)

                    OTHER: HTML, SQL, Unix Shell Script


COURSE WORK: Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Real-Time Operating Systems, Systems Programming,

            Programming Languages, Data Structures and Files, Algorithms, Compiler Designs

            Compiler Design includes writing a Pascal Compiler



2016 - 2019 (May)

First Love Christian Academy  Washington, PA

      Faculty Member - Taught Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Science, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry

     Taught Electrical Engineering to students interested as a club

2003 – 2016 (September)

 ITT Technical Institute

            Tarentum, Pa. and Robinson Pa., Adjunct Instructor SME (subject matter expert  
electronics at the Robinson campus)

Responsible for presenting lecture material and assisting students in completion of Lab assignments related to the following courses:


School of Software Engineering - Java Programming, C++ Programming, Visual Basic, Database Management, Software Application Programming, Linux System Administration,


School of Information Technology – Desktop Computing, Computer Networks, Networks Standards and Protocols, Network Security


School of Electronics Technology - DC Electronics, Digital Electronics 1 and 2, Microprocessors, Electronic Devices and Analog Circuits 1 and 2, Communications 1 and 2, CEET Capstone


2002 - 2003

             Westinghouse Electric Corporation

            Pittsburgh, Pa., Contracted Verification Engineer


  • Responsible for the verification and validation of embedded software for use in nuclear reactor

                  safety protection systems. 

  • Designed and conducted verification tests using in-house developed test tools 

  • Source code written in PLM


2000 - 2002

             Descartes Systems

            Pittsburgh, Pa., Senior QA Analyst


  • Duties focused around overall quality assurance of Descartes’ software products and in-house tools.  WebSimon, the company’s primary product, is web-based, written in a combination of Java and C++ and  utilizes an Informix type database.  It functions as a “rate retrieval” tool designed to meet the needs of the ocean transportation market.  Some of the job duties performed are:

  • Assist in developing and documenting the overall QA process used at the company

  • Verifying for consistency (and in some cases writing) software requirement specification documents.  (Writing the SRS at times necessitated the use of DreamWeaver (a website development tool) and HTML literacy in order to prototype the product’s GUI)

  • Write test specifications

  • Design test data required to perform the above tests and load this data into a test database

  • Execute the tests

  • Log any resulting issues into Clientele, a pc-based automated bug-tracking tool, and report findings to all pertinent parties (development team and management staff)

  • Retest product following bug fix and rebuild

  • Adhere to the rigorous company initiated QA process while performing all of the above tasks which includes the generation of all documents necessary to provide a “paper trail” ensuring test completeness 

  • At times, assumed the role of lead and trainer to an assistant analyst.  This work involved interviewing prospective associated analysts and project scheduling             


1996 - 2000

             Westinghouse Electric Corporation

            Pittsburgh, Pa., Contracted Verification Engineer


  • Work revolved around the verification and validation of embedded software for use in nuclear reactor

                  safety protection systems.  Position encompassed multiple activities including the following:

  • Verifying consistency of software design requirements documents

  • Verifying the complete and accurate translation of software design requirements into software design description documents

  • Verifying that the corresponding source code files are complete and accurate translations of the given

software requirements.

  • Documenting discovered anomalies and transmitting them to the design group for resolution

  • Designing and executing verification tests to meet test criteria

  • Preparing software test specifications including rationale for individual tests, input data, expected

output and actual output results

  • Evaluating the collected output for correctness

  • Ensuring tests provide complete code coverage encompassing all possible operation scenarios

  • Documenting the above actions in a strict, predetermined format

  • The source code is written in PLM.  The tests, also in PLM, are written with the help of an in-house

designed test editor, linked to and run on a  DOS-based version of the Softprobe Emulator which supports

simulation of the 80486 microprocessor.

  • Served in the capacity of senior engineer with occasional lead engineer responsibilities (i.e. answer

questions of both a technical nature and those concerning verification policy issues for junior engineers

as well as assist in  scheduling decisions)


        1995 - 1996

        Pert Survey Research

        Pittsburgh, Pa. Programmer

  • Developed software which tabulates data gathered during the course of market research surveys,

conducted on behalf of commercial clients, and generating the results in customized report formats

  • Programming performed using a Unix-based version of Merlin, a language targeted directly toward marketing research.


        1992 - 1994

        University of Pittsburgh

        Pittsburgh, Pa.  Teaching Assistant/Teaching Assistant Instructor

  • Responsible for composing and presenting lecture material for an undergraduate class entitled

'Software For Personal Computing', which encompasses MSDOS basics, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3 and

                   dBase III Plus.  Duties also include writing and grading examinations and programming assignments as

      well as providing office hours for  student consultation

  • Responsible for composing and presenting material as well as correcting programming and written assignments and providing personal student consulting sessions for the following undergraduate courses:

                         (1) Programming Languages (Ada, Smalltalk, Prolog)

                         (2) Discrete Structures for Computer Science

                         (3) Introduction to Computer Science Concepts

                         (4) Introduction to Information Structures


        1986 - 1990

        Optimal Robotics Co.

        Pittsburgh, Pa.  Programmer

  • Primary contract was to the Hercules Bacchus Works rocket fuel manufacturing facility in Magna, Utah,

to automate the manufacturing of solid rocket fuel on a large scale.  Implementation involved the development

of Computer Control System for the automatic transporter facility.  Operator commands and requests were

entered via keyboard, with system activity reports and  system device status logged via terminal.  Software

development in 'C'.

  • Position required learning the existing system and aiding in its enhancement.  Worked on the following


             -Command interpreter to receive, translate and manage vehicle commands entered by and MBT operator

 (i.e. user interface screens)

             -Control routines to track positions of the MBT's, bowls, cast train cleaning carts, pick-up and delivery points

             -Routines to record system events and system device activities and prepare reports based on them



         Pentek Inc.

         Pittsburgh,  Pa.  Project Engineer

  • Responsible for developing contracted software packages comprising Pentek's niche market.  Also supported their unique custom product a 6-wheeled robotic vehicle developed in-house for remote servicing

of nuclear facilities.     

  • Performed feasibility study for application of robotics in nuclear power plants.  This investigative study

  examined duties of nuclear power plant radiation  workers suggested areas of potential automation and

   recommended particular robots for each area, according to robot type, with emphasis on human safety aspects,

   cost savings and availability.  Some areas required specifying robot features not yet available on the market,

   parts of which might be filled by modifying  Pentek's robot vehicle.

  • Designed control circuits for robot vehicle to sense air pressure changes and to detect material  collection 

bin condition and take appropriate action. 

  • Developed a PC-based, interactive electronics training course for the U.S. Air Force.  Features of the

course were instruction, training and testing in general electronics, computer operation and software usage.

  • Assisted in writing contract proposals to gain new business



          Duquesne Light Co.

          Pittsburgh,  Pa.  Engineer

  • Responsible for diagnosis, repair and subsequent correctional recommendations to the manufacturer of

failed distribution circuit protection equipment.

  • Enhanced, maintained and utilized conductor rating software package which mathematically models

distribution circuit loading.

  • Served as an instructor for an introductory electronics course offered to company personnel as part a

lineman training program

  • Wrote in-house instruction manuals describing the usage and operation regulations of various types of

power distribution equipment and their accessories


           Personal and professional recommendations available upon request

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