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Mr. Weaver: Connecting Scripture and Living It 

Sharing insights from his study of scripture and his attempt to LIVE IT

June 2020

I spent 7 years at St. Vincent, earned an MA in Religion + 43 credits. Taught in a public school for 35 years.  I did not retire until after 55 years of teaching.  I also taught World Religions, World Myth, NT, and Catholic-Orthodox Tradition.

 I decided to try to share what I know about Scripture and the background. For example, Greek and Hebrew, Anthropology and mythology. You do not have to be Catholic to appreciate my writings about scripture.


Each week I have an intro which explains some back ground then I include copies of the readings, highlighting things others might not notice or know about.  So I have ONE doc w some introductory background and ONE with the actual readings.  So it will be easier to see how the themes of OT and NT are actually a continuum.


The Mass format is:  OT     -     Psalm -    Epistle -     Gospel

and they have a unifying theme, but what is it?  That is what I try to show.


I want to make a 'haute vulgarisation', that is, I want to share some HIGH scholarship and bring  it down so common ordinary people can understand it.  Vulgus in Latin means "common man".  I will always distinguish between what is 'scholarly knowledge' and what is Catholic perspective.

In both cases, I hope I can further God's Work

Intro to June 21
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